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TRUTH OF THE Junior National Young Leaders Conference


JasonR March 2, 2009

BOTTOM LINE:  A VERY PROFITABLE BUSINESS VENTURE FOR THE FOUNDERS:  I checked out the non-profit tax returns on this organization (Form 990) to see how legit they are.  I have experience running non-profits, so knew a bit what to look for.  If you read the tax form carefully, what you find out is this:

The non-profit corp of Congressional Youth Leadership Council, which runs the National Youth Leadership Forum as well as the Junior Nat'l Young Leaders Conference was started by the team of Richard Rossi and Barbara Harris who also started (in the same year) a for-profit corp called Envision EMI, LLC.  It just so happens that Envision has the exclusive contract with CYLC to run all their programs.   On the 2006 tax form, the compensation paid to Envision by CYLC exceeded 18 MILLION dollars (from a total revenue of CYLC of over $56 million).

As it stated on the CYLC tax form, "all full-time staff working on the account of CYLC are employees of Envision. CYLC pays Envision for payroll and related costs as well as management and marketing fees."

To me, that arrangement makes it clear that this program continues to be run for the purposes of profit to the founders and current operators.  I'd be very curious about the founders' relationships with the board members of the non-profit entity.

To review the Form 990 -- see   Also see


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GottaLoveMath April 13, 2009

Not sure how old the info you found was but my research indicated that the company is entirely for-profit at least going back to the beginning of 2008. Like many private ed companies, they're not highly profitable but neither are they subsidized. I have nothing against private ed companies but wanted to do my homework first. We ended up sending our daughter to this program after she too was nominated by her teacher. She's an A student and loves learning challenges so we decided to give it a try. Based on her experience and what I saw at drop-off and on the last day, it was well worth the cost and effort. She grew as a young person and had a wonderful time. Now we're sending her younger sister.


yh04024 April 13, 2009

Am I able to have a good time when I go??


harinair May 11, 2009

JasonR is right on money...yh04024: You will be asked to walk + you will be asked to do discussions and you will be done only by 10:00 PM. Lights out by 10:30 PM and you need to start next day before 7:00 AM. Not enough sleep and tiring. Since the company makes 80 million dollars a year and since they are into misleading people by sending glossy nomination letters, you cannot take any positive message board comments. Those may even be from paid posters. Please read this also:


macluv101 May 19, 2009

I just got the letter, from the teacher that nominated me, and I talked to other people at my school who had done it. I was chosen along with five other people, and we were collectively wondering, is this a scam. Please provide proof. Thanks!


macluv101 May 19, 2009

thank you, I will share this with my classmates.


MrSixtyfour August 4, 2009

My 15 year old daughter attended. I feel like we got our moneys' worth in life experienes not necessarily in what the program provided.
-This is not a exclusive honor to attend. They never bothered to verify her GPA, etc.
-Functions more like a summer camp than a real educational experience.
-Most of the visits to historic sites were set up as "photo ops" rather than an opportunity to get an in depth experience. For example, they attended the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier, only to have the bus leave when the ceremony was only half over.
-I attempted to contact NYLC twice while my daugher was there, never did get anyone to respond. My daughter was never able to get any medical attention inspite of multiple efforts the get some help for her blistered feet.
-Housing was 3 students per room. My daughter and most other from the western part of the country were later arrivals and were given cots rather than beds. Anight or two on a cot is one thing, ten nights at this price is a rip off.
-Be aware when you are collecting information about this organization that they provide "sponsorships" for teachers kids. Your experience for several thousand dollars my well be different than the experience of the person who went for free.

Approach with caution if at all. Take the family to DC on vaction for the same price.


nadiaeverage January 10, 2010

i recieved the letter also i no im smart ppl were excited for me so i am raising money to go by saling things and taking donations i dont think i will raise the $1,540 dollars they are chrging that does not include lunch or the travel fees so this do seem like a scam...but im not sure i went on a college trip to about 5 or six colleges in 4 differnt states and it was cheaper then that it was only 600 dollars which paid for dinner and all hotel fees also travel and everything...also i just left washington dc two weeks ago with my church for the national inspirational youth convention for 4 nights and it paid for everything besides food it was only $ whats up with the national young leaders conference....


harinair January 12, 2010

Recently their BBB rating improved to B - previously it was F. Read my full review here:

Now the organization will send a great looking letter which misleads you into thinking that it is run by or has the endorsement of the US Congress or US Government. The price tag's of near $1900 would give a hint to parents. If not the availability of sessions every week gives a hint. They try to make it appear that the nomination is too hard to receive. We have already congratulated my son and given him a sense of achievement by the time we figure out the whole thing is a marketing ploy.

Now it seems like they are employing paid forum posters to post great comments saying "my daughter went there and it is a life time of experience..." and so on. My guess is in many cases the choice of words suggest a paid forum poster.


daddyhead2000 April 8, 2010

Dear JasonR,

I am in need of the Federal EIN number for the Congressional Youth Leadership Council. It may have been on the tax return that you found. I need it for Child care Expense deduction on my tax return.

Thank you,


uropinion April 20, 2010

NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN WITH FOOD ALLERGIES...not at all a safe venture for any child with food allergies! the people at this conference will claim that they can deal with food allergies, NOT TRUE...they have NO KNOWLEDGE of even how to use an epipen, there is no overnight nurse, plus the vending machine where the kids sleep is filled with peanut candy.....since they are not even allowed to administer a bandaid and something happens to your child outside of the 2 hours the nurse is there in the early evening just pray that nothing serious happens...when i spoke to the girl in the special needs department, she took a week and a half to call me back, she didn't even know the name of the hospital my child would be sent to in case of an emergency in the middle of the night....for pre-existing condition children, stay away from this program..they say its supervised, who? don't be swayed by the bs here..for the money they charge, an overnight nurse should be expected......

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