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unifroms vs. no uniforms!


no_uniforms August 2, 2008

i dislike uniforms so much but i want to know what you all think! so uniforms vs free dress!!!!!!

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LongIsland August 4, 2008

I have to say I LOVE uniforms. I have 3 children in private school and it makes it very easy in the morning. Also, the uniforms in New York are definitely more money than regular clothes. Well, I should say where I shop (JC Penny, Sears or even an occasional Wal Mart). I'm paying $46 for one jumper for my daughter and the boys pants are $36. Then we have to add on shirts, sweaters, socks and belts. People also say that children aren't judged on branding, but the children in my kids school still know all about the latest fashion and designer names. They all reflect that on "dress down" days. As, far as my children they haven't complained yet! Lets, keep our fingers crossed.


no_uniforms August 4, 2008

sure it makes it easy for you but how fo your kids feel? anyway buckaroo, my children had to wear them and they did hate them so i developed to hate themas well.


bookreader4 August 4, 2008

no_uniforms, you keep asking how kids feel. I am in college now and spent most of my high school and grade school years wearing uniforms. I liked them. They made my life easier, minimized peer pressure, and meant much less time spent shopping for clothes. Uniforms are not a big deal; the clothing you wear should not be such an important part of your life that having to wear uniforms causes emotional turmoil. I never saw any of my classmates having a tantrum about having to wear them. All of my classmates seemed perfectly fine with uniforms.


eccentric August 4, 2008

I don't understand why people may hate uniforms in schools. Children can show creativity in may different ways. Even with uniforms, we all had our own style. I believe that students should pay attention to their studies and really should not worry about other peoples' shoes and clothes. That creats distraction, sometimes depression, and certainly unhealthy competition. When they all look the same (wearing uniforms!), the only thing that sets them apart is their brains!


LongIsland August 4, 2008

Well said eccentric and bookreader4. I know your parents are very proud of you bookreader4.


sk8mom August 4, 2008

I totally agree w/ Bookreader4. I wore uniforms from 6th grade on through hs and I must say it took alot of the day to day pressure off me. There was not the name brade struggles w/ my parents b/c there were no competitions at school having to fit in wearing the "right" clothes.

My kids school does not have uniforms and in a way wish they did. My DD is getting to the age that peer pressure is really going to affect her and she is very sensitive and I don't think I am going to handle it very well. We don't have the money to buy the name brands and she has to be happy w/ Walmart and Target.

Just my 2 cents on the subject.


Cinderbell August 4, 2008

Part of what children need to learn is to be happy with who they are, and what they have-even if it is not brand-name clothes, they need to learn it is not the end of the world and also to ignore those who may criticize those of the "have-nots". Children need to learn early on it is who they are on the inside that counts-not what they wear on the outside.

Uniforms or not, they will always be peer pressure about is how children handle the pressure is what matters the most.


MagnetMom August 5, 2008

Beautifully said, Cinderbell. There is no panacea.


Erica5 August 7, 2008

My daughter will be going to kindergarten this fall and this is the first year they will be required to wear uniforms.....
I would have to say that it might be boring for Mom and Dad because they dont get to help pick out fun clothes and so on and so forth, but I see that it is a good idea....
No being made fun of for not having this or that, or what shirt you wear.... or your shoes or what not. Yes children are going to have peer pressure no matter what, yes children are going to be children no matter what and pick on each other, but wouldnt you rather it be one less thing that might come up? Wouldnt you rather that your child IS being see for who they are not what they wear, or dont wear......
The bigger problem here lies in what the parents are instilling into their children.... Where do you think these kids are getting the ideas that some one isnt as good as them because of what they are or arent wearing or for what they do that might be different..... Children dont pay attention to that type of thing, its the parent that instills that, if they know it or not....
So mom and dad might want to take a look in the mirror and figure out if they are the ones that are teaching their kids to discriminate based on clothes or items.....


odachimaster September 10, 2008

Every school system is different some will not allow students to wear and logo's whatsoever even a Nike /
check mark.
as to answer that for elementary who is going to pay for them alot of people can not even afford pencils and paper let alone at least a couple of uniforms.

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