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unifroms vs. no uniforms!


no_uniforms August 2, 2008

i dislike uniforms so much but i want to know what you all think! so uniforms vs free dress!!!!!!

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CindyC February 26, 2009

And that's why we are homeschooling.


badelk February 26, 2009

I understand why parents would want a uniform completely. Less peer pressure for the student to try to fit in and less time it takes to get ready. But I also think, regardless if there is a uniform in place or not, the children do not have to dress like that( with saggy pants, tummies showing, makeup and hair dye). We are the parents and we are the ones to enforce what they can and can not do. Kids would not wear them things if we as parents did not allow that. I get that teenagers like to rebel and will try the limits of a parent but we need to be consistent and show them by example and take leadership in the parent/child relationship and let them know that we love them enough to not allow them to behave in such a manner. I know for myself when I was a teenager, if I would try to leave the house in questionable clothing I was sent right back up to change or I did not get to leave the house. They need to know that there is consequences for their behavior starting in the home or things will be harder in life for them if they do not learn it there.


kmallory3 February 27, 2009

I am for uniforms for two reasons. One is, you cannot tell the difference between the have's and the have nots. Going to school, and making friends and fitting in is difficult enough for children. They should not have to worry about their socio-economic status playing a part in who they can associate with and what they participate in. Secondly, uniforms allow children that have disabilities to not stand out. My teenage son has autism and due to his sensory problems he cannot where blue jeans. In elementary school, he stood out. Now he goes to a school where no one wear's blue jeans because they are not on the dress code. He fits in with everyone else.


Mari5210 February 28, 2009

I am so looking forward to a uniform at middle school next year. We have a dress code at our school but it is according as to who you are and the teacher that you have. Which is not fair to any of the ones who obey the code. It will save alot of money for me and I will not have to hear that looks stupid when I am asked to pick out my daughters clothes for school that day!!!


Lormarchill February 28, 2009

My youngest son is in kindergarten and he wears a uniform. There is no fuss about what to wear. It is normal for all to wear the uniform so everyone fits in. As far as personality do you really believe a persons personality is based on what they wear? Self esteem maybe but not personality! At my son's school they had pajama day another parent told me how excited her son was about seeing what my son was going to wear because he's a cool kid! Not based on clothing but personality! My son is in the highest math and highest reading group, wears glasses, is missing a front tooth and wears uniforms. None of these things would spell cool kid back in my day! The uniforms are less expensive, don't go out of style and the kids look neat, clean and are well behaved. They also use repectful salutes MS. and MR. It is a charter school that tops the test scores of public schools and I would not change a thing!


woofwoof March 6, 2009

What, so the won't grow up to be functional adults if they have to wear uniforms? My only issue is when a school, like mine (public) lets so many families opt out of the code that half the kids are wearing uniforms and half aren't. I just think it makes life easier while they're young. School is supposed to be for learning. It's not like they can't have fun on the playground just because they're wearing a uniform. The other thing that gets me is that some of the teachers need a primer on professional dress. The kids wear uniforms, but a teacher can come to work in t-shirt, jeans and flip flops????? Sigh.......


tobbyandlui March 6, 2009

In public schools dress codes are not followed by many children or neither by the school as well. Always when I drop off my teenager daughter I see many kids wearing clothes very inappropriate to wear at school. With uniforms, parents don't have to worry about this. Everybody is wearing the same thing and not trying to call the attention of anyone by the way they dress. My daughter goes to a public school but she only wears what it is approved by me and I know that some parents are this way too. When my daughter sees someone dress in a special way, she even feels scared to even get close to that other kid, she thinks they belong to a gang or to a particular group. Not talking only about the kids dressed this way but also girls wearing really short skirts to school, looking very provocative which can attract other kind people if you know what I mean.


MommaMoe March 10, 2009

I would love the kids to have to wear a uniform it would be so much easier all around. School is for learning not a fashion show.


vlb867 March 31, 2009

Our school started Uniforms 2 years ago and I have to tell you its the best thing that could have happened to our schools. Kids are worried about what little Johnnie is wearing because its the same as little Joey.

The BOE thought there would be some resistant but everyone was surprised when on the 1st day of school 98% of the kids were in uniforms.

I think uniforms are a good thing, and if I had to vote on it in the future I would diffently say YES.


Firefly7071 April 1, 2009

Most schools around the world have kids wearing uniforms. I am 100% in support of uniforms because I dont want my child being unique at school. If they want to stand out then win the spelling bee or get an A. They are there to learn and being in a uniform put them in the right frame of mind.

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