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Does your kindergartner change classes


vanel48 August 31, 2008

My daughter changes classes for Art ,Music, Computer and Gym. I was use to the children staying in one room and eating lunch there,  but they eat  lunch with the big kids .  Have all the schools changed.

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darmor11 September 4, 2008


They change classes in my son's school too. I was surprised when I heard that. As for lunch, all the kindergarten classes eat together (no other grades eat with them.

I guess they are preparing them for 1st grade....


Cinderbell September 4, 2008

I am sure most school have kindergartners change classes. The teacher should be supervising the students to and from the other rooms to make sure all students get there in a timely fashion and no fighting occurs.

For lunch, they usually try to keep the older students separate from the younger ones but lunchrooms are also supervised so everything runs smoothly.


Antwan October 15, 2008

Yes my son changes classes too. I was a little shocked. What was the most interesting to me was the meal times. In the morning everyone meets in the cafeteria until the homerooms or teachers names are called. The kindergartners have two tables to sit at and the rest of the cafeteria is for everyone else. The school goes up to 8th grade. They have a 4 digit number they must learn so that they can get breakfast and lunch. They eat with children that are in the 4th grade or higher, but they sit at their designated tables. The whole eating time for me is a problem.


vanel48 October 16, 2008

At my child's school , the kindergartners thru fourth grade sit on the gym floor until the fifth thru the eight eat breakfast, the fourth and fifth eat with the kindergartners but they go first, so last pickings goes to the kindergartners , which sometime means they don't get milk with there dry cereal. So i am totally with you when it comes to having a problem with the eating schedule. I brought this up at the first PTA meeting and was told, that since the kindergartners are new they are slow and if they went first they would put everyone else behind schedule. Well they have the routine down now ,so they need to change the eating time, i volunteer at the school and my stomach is gripping me by the time my daughter eats lunch!


Antwan October 17, 2008

I have never heard anything like that! That makes no sense, as if the higher grades are some how better then anyone, let alone the kindergartners.


MJONES October 19, 2008

MY daughter is in kindergarten and she eats with the big kids also. everyone eats breakfast together then they have to sit at the table which is assign for their class room and the teacher comes and gets them i usually have her eat breakfast at home and i drop her off just in time for her teacher to come and get them. they also have a number to use when they eat lunch and if they don't know the number the teacher gives her class name tags which they wear when they go to lunch.. and for changing classes she has changes for art, music,gym and library but this only happens every two weeks for two weeks they might have gym and that would be the only time the change classes she loves it but i also thought that they do everything in the same classes all day but things have changed.. i am OK with it because she likes it.but i don't like that they eat with the big kids...


1seremen November 1, 2008

Yes! My son changes classes for Gym, library, Art/music, PE, lunch, and spanish. Each class except lunch is once a week and most of the classes on Fridays.


luvinghomeof4 November 5, 2008

My kindergartner changes class for art, music, p.e., math, and reading. They didn't start changing for math/reading until after a month or so of being in school. My daughter is still having a hard time with the change of teachers for math/reading. She LOVES her "homeroom" teacher, which is the teacher she was with all day for the first month or so of school. She asks me several times a week if she can stay with her "homeroom" teacher for reading/math instead of going to the other teacher's class. It's hard as her parent because I want her to be comfortable at school and enjoy the experience. With all the new changes that come along with starting kindergarten it's a lot of adjusting for a 5 year old to deal with... in my opinion. They sure expect a lot more out of our kids these days than they did 20-30 years ago. Which is good and bad. It's nice to know that they can learn more things at a younger age, but they still need to understand the emotional stress it might cause on these young children having too many changes in their routine. Rountines are what help kids to understand and learn... when you go and mess with their routines and what they're comfortable with... you mess with their learning ability too. As you can tell... I wish they didn't change classes.


dinabengfort November 12, 2008

Yes, for pe/music, lunch, art and library. The teacher always walks them there though and picks them up. Music and PE are every day/alternating, but art and library are only once a week, so they are in the room most of the day anyway. As far as lunch, there are many lunch aids and the kindergartners always eat first. They only get like 15 minutes & then out to recess and that's when the 1st graders come in, etc.. But yes, they have changed a LOT of things since my oldest went to kindergarten. A few examples would be.. full days, changing rooms, fewer "fun" centers or play time, more homework, no naps. They want kids to grow up so fast these days!! :) Hope your daughter is adjusting well to her kindergarten year! It has taken my daughter 3 months, but she is finally getting used to it. Whew!


gashby January 12, 2009


Actually yes my daughter changes for many classes. Art, PE, Spanish, music, library, and Church. They also run errands for the classroom. I was nervous about that when I heard about it but apparently the children like the responsibility. In the long run I think this will help them transition to the upper grades.

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