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I want to educate parents of cell phone dangers them as well as your children!!!


CelPhoneSaftey January 8, 2009

Hi, my name is  Mrs. Cheryl  McCord,  I have  come across Important information and I  have a moral obligation to educate all parents and their children about cell phone dangers.   When your children use cell phones , the effects are like putting their head  in a microwave oven.                   Cell phones emit  (EMR) - Electromagnet Radiation, and  have been reported to cause brain tumors or cancer.  I urge you to visit ,and see how many cell towers and attennas there are within a 4 mile radius of your home.  Also  more exposure has  been reported on CNN and MSN News on cell phone danger.  But there is a solution , a new technology  called a cell chip that you put on your cell phone to neutrelize the damaging effects of EMR.  You can visit  my website: , and learn more about the cell chip and how it  works.  My  BioPro team would love to come to your schools and give a presentation . Contact me - 770-719-4533

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