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elementary schools in the madison area???


iowamomto2 January 15, 2009

Hi there.  I have a question for anyone with young children in the Madison, Wi area.  We are moving from Iowa and do not have a lot of info on the schools.  Can anyone inform us on great schools on the outskirts of madison on the northwest side.  Any information would be greatly helpful.  Also, any neighborhoods to look into with younger families or those neighborhoods to avoid.  Thanks for any advice in advance.

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sbozarth23 January 15, 2009

Hi iowamomto2,

Welcome to GreatSchools!

Thank you for joining the Elementary School Parents group! I checked out your profile and before I get to your question I would like to invite you to join some other awesome GreatSchools groups.

Community Feedback Forum

Getting to Know You

Choosing the Right School for Your Child

These are great groups for new members and "Choosing the Right School for Your Child" will put you in touch with other parents in your situation. As for your question, you may not know it but this is a nation wide forum not a specific schools website. So, because it's difficult for questions about specific schools in specific cities to get answers GreatSchools has created the Local Q&A section. This will put you in touch with people living in Madison, Wi area and they will be better suited to answer your question. If you have any questions about where to post etc,. Just check out the sticky posts at the top of the Elementary School Parents page.

I suggest you also check out the Research & Compare option it will help you locate a school and give you lots of great information, and it even lets you compare schools against one another. It's how I choose my son's school and I was very satisfied with the results. Good luck in your search, keep us posted if GreatSchools worked for you.

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