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ausimum January 15, 2009

My daughter is due to start Kindergarten in Sept and I do know which school she'll be going to...I have done some comparisons and research on this GS website and I would rather her go to a different I have two questions...

1/How do I go about changing schools and;

2/Is it  easiest to do it  now before things start or do I wait and see and then try to change

I don't just want to go by other's opinions and give the school a chance but in my reading I am leaning towards a different school...

thank you!

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tjlove January 15, 2009

Have you visited the schools yet? I think that's the best way to get a good feel for how a school operates. You can see how the classrooms are organized and you have an opportunity to meet some of the teachers and the principal and possibly even other parents.

As for how to go about changing schools, that's going to vary from district to district, so make sure you ask your school district officials directly.

Make sure you check out GreatSchools' School Choice Tips section- it's packed with resources designed to guide you through the school choice process:

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