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Enjoy The City Coupon Book Fundraiser - New in the Albuquerque area...


ktgrand January 18, 2009

Proven Fundraising Product Now in Albuquerque and the surrounding area...

  • Enjoy profit of up to 50% of total sales

  • All schoolwides earn between $500 - $5000 depending on the number of students regardless of the number of books sold!

  • Risk Free Fundraiser!

  • All books are on consignment

  • No door-to-door selling!

  • Entire program takes only 2 weeks!

  • Local Sales Representative Support!

  • Product virtually sellls itself! Over $1500 worth of local coupons and discounts. Use the product 1-2 times and it pays for itself!

  • Prize Program with Free Book, Pizza Parties & Gift Cards!

Contact Karen Grandinetti in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas at: 505-353-1988 or

Remember - it's FREE to contact me for information...

For other cities call 1-866-359-2489

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