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the school needs schoolboard inspection


manuela2005 January 20, 2009

every time when i have discution with the teacher the princilple is bacing the teacher off and i just give it up.i gad that my child is not in her class this year but this teacher is the same thing she continiu to do to other students i repotred to board of education but she is still there.if i have some money i would move i europe for my kids education.

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sbozarth23 January 20, 2009

Hi manuela2005,

Welcome to GreatSchools!

Many parents can relate to having trouble with their childrens teachers. Your post is somewhat hard to follow, are you making a general statement? Or are you asking a question?

For instance, are you asking how to deal with this situation? I ask that you clarify so that other posters and myself might be able understand and help you.

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