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Ideas for Parent involvement with PTO


julcan_79 August 4, 2009

We had our first PTO meeting last night for the new school year, and unfortunately we had no parents (other than those elected as officers) show up.   This is the same response we have gotten for the last 2 years.   We have cut the activities that PTO supports almost in half.  If we don't get any involvement from other parents, our school will no longer have the PTO as the few of us can't do everything.  Does anyone have any ideas on what to do? 

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user5400893 January 6, 2014

I am beginning to think that many PTOs focus too much on fundraising. I don't think fundraising is very motivating to parents anymore. It doesn't raise much for one thing, and it does so at great expense of time.

If your PTO was focusing more attention on getting parents involved in educational experiences with their children you would find yourself offering a gateway to volunteering and even fundraising. You need to build community before asking people for their precious time and money.

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