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what elementary school will my kids go to


tamarasmouse March 28, 2009

we are moving to lynchburg in july. we are going to be staying with my grandparents on old forrest rd. i was just wondering what kindergarten is there and i also have a daughter that will be in 2nd grade. please help me with the schools that are around there. close to home..

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healthy11 March 29, 2009

Hi. Unfortunately, the chance of finding another family from a particular town, with children of similar age and who know the street you're talking about is slim.
I would recommend that you ask your grandparents to approach one of their neighbors who has younger children, and ask them for the name of the local elementary school. In fact, your grandparents can probably look at their local real estate tax bill and see what school district they pay into. Then they can call the district office and give their exact address, and somebody will be able to tell them what school they're zoned to attend. You might also try to use the "Find a School" feature on the green menu bar near the top of this page, where you can enter the town name and grade level, and see if there are multiple school districts in that area. There might only be one, so you can call them directly and ask about enrolling your children.

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