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Hammer Montessori School or Willow Glen Elementary


Anonymous April 19, 2009

Our neighboorhood school is willow glen elementary. i always hear it is not a bad school. but i really do not know what that means. my daughter goes at the moment to a montessori preschool. and she loves it. i looked at hammer montessori school. and i liked it. but i do not like that the school is in the same building with galarza. they have the same pta and in the break the schools are together. do i have to be worried about that the both schools are together. is here anybody who can tell me his experiences with willo glen elementary or hammer montessori. i do not know so many parents because we just arrived from europe. thanks a lot for your help.

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schzade February 2, 2013


I don't know if you are still interested in the answer, but here goes.... I don't know too much about WG Elementary other than they have a great PTA. My children go to Hammer Montessori, and my oldest is in 3rd grade.

Hammer Montessori should be considered a school that shares a building with Galarza Elementary. Recess times and lunch times are separate. There is a combined PTA that focuses on family events. Hammer Montessori has a foundation (Hammer Montessori Foundation).. Hammer Montessori has its own principal now as well. If you are considering schools, I highly recommend coming to a school tour to learn more about the school and the Montessori education your child can receive. Check out for more information about Hammer Montessori, and call 408-535-6671 to schedule a tour


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