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What board games would you recommed for 7-10 year old boys?


eccentric April 20, 2009

OK so my son wants electronic battleship which sounds OK. On, there is good deal on three games for $48...battlefield (regular not electronic), Sorry, and connect four.

Is electronic battlefield better than the regular board game? What other good board games are out there?

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healthy11 April 20, 2009

My son liked Mousetrap, and the entire family likes Yahtzee.


SpiritofMath April 20, 2009

I think that's a great time to get into some strategy games. Some of the best ones are German made. Settlers of Catan won many awards, but might be a little too advanced for that age group. Carcassonne which is a city building/defending game and Stratego are definite favorites as well as Ticket to Ride, which is a battle to develop the most successful railway routes. It's won lots of awards including Game of the Year. A great resource for game ratings and reviews is In my experience they are always right about games.


MagnetMom April 20, 2009

My 18-year-old would say "electronic battleship" is a travesty of justice. :)

Truthfully, if you get the "old-fashioned" battleship you're saving yourself from always needing to buy batteries, and often very loud speaker settings (with no volume control).

Another fun kids game my kids both liked was Perfection! with all the pieces jumping off the table if you can't get them in their little spots fast enough.

I definitely agree with Mousetrap and Sorry and Connect 4. Don't Spill the Beans and Don't Break the Ice as well as Ants in the Pants are all big hits too.

If you're not in a rush, Target often has these types of games on fire sale every few weeks, so you might keep checking the circulars.


MSMomm April 20, 2009

My son likes the variations on Uno (such as regular Uno and Uno Attack). He also likes Scrabble, Clue and Perquacky. And honestly, I STILL have my original Battleship game, and my son enjoys playing that, as well. The website SpiritofMath mentions is a good source for getting ideas about board games. Looks like you're planning a lot of family time! Great!


eccentric April 20, 2009

Guys, thanks for your response. I think I'm definitely sold on battleship (original) simply to keep the "noise pollution" down! :) SpiritofMath, great website. Thx.

MSMomm, after I joined work again few months ago, I realised that the boys aren;t reading as much as they used to, and computer is on more than I wanted it to be, and for games more than educational purpose. I think it's more my fault then their's since I was overwhelmed with all my responsibilities and I wasn;t sitting down with them. I'm back to my schedule of reading with them now. Board games are my strategy to keep them engaged and away from comupter games! Thx for noticing! You were right on. Cheers!


LDSolutions April 21, 2009

Try playing "Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader" - it is a super fun family board game. The kids love it!


trooper April 25, 2009

Battleship!!! Yahtzee, Monopoly, Sorry, Othello, Cranium!
You never out grow these games!
Have fun!


Firefly7071 April 25, 2009

I was about to say Stratego and saw that "SpiritofMath" had it up there. My son is 9 and LOVES it as well as Risk which he plays with his dad.

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