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Does anybody know if there are any Spanish Immersion schools in RI or Southern MA?


sweetmama33 February 2, 2010

My child will be starting K next year, he fully understands Spanish but utilizes English as his first language with very little use of his Spanish. Any ideas on any schools that provide an intensive Spanish program in either RI or southern MA?

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uptonmom March 1, 2010

Upton, MA has a Spanish immersion public school program that all 3 of my children participate in. Admission by lottery. Millis, MA has one as well. There may be a two way program in Framingham.


SpanishRI April 3, 2010

Hi, I do not know of any schools in RI but I would recommend getting a tutor a few hours a week to immerse your child in the language. If you speak Spanish you should try speaking only Spanish to your child in the car. Make it fun and add music (Spanish songs)! If you would like to take a week long Spanish Immersion (Education Vacation) check out They have immersion programs this summer.

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