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New charter school in San Fernando Valley, CA?


mktgbiz August 12, 2010

Has anyone gone to their open houses? This school sounds like it has a different approach that makes sense. It's called Ingenium Charter.

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MagnetMom August 12, 2010

Hi mktgbiz,

I hadn't heard which school was going in there--originally I'd heard that the space at Columbus was offered to Magnolia Science Charter, and it appears they didn't take it.

I looked at the website for Barack Obama Charter School, the school that is apparently opening at Columbus, and there are things I like, and things I'm not all that keen on.

I definitely like the idea of requiring 10 hours of volunteering from parents or charging them $10 an hour (up to $100) for not volunteering.

I'm not a fan of uniforms at all, but definitely not uniforms that require a logo. Make them wear a certain color--ok. But polos are costly when they require a specific logo on them.

I'd definitely have concerns about the first year of a new charter being built on a currently operating middle school--especially when the middle school community has their own concerns. But opening day jitters of classes, lunches being delivered, and play ground equipment installed all would be big concerns for me. I'm not against K-8 spans at all--but because there seems to be concerns from the home school community, I'd be very concerned about co-existing in the facility.

I like the idea of multi-age classrooms on paper, but I'd really like to see that in practice before I enrolled my child. As a parent of gifted children it can be a challenge to keep them motivated & also safe because they have intellectual needs that differ from their emotional needs.

I like the idea of discipline being spelled out, but it always worries me that schools that spend so much time spelling out their discipline policies (and uniform infractions) aren't catering to a SF Valley populace, but more of a city concern. The school won't have to worry about my kids' behavior because I take care of it at home.

I'd love to hear what you've seen and heard. I'll be talking to a few Columbus parents next week, but I doubt they've seen anything until school starts. Especially how many classes are being run per grade and how many students are in each class.

Good luck!

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