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How to Transfer to a new school


fabmomof2 August 13, 2010

Hi, everyone!

I'm hoping this is where I can ask and get some answers to my concern about transferring my 2 boys from their school in Winter Haven, FL to a school in Melbourne, FL.

I'm planning to move to Melbourne during Winter Break--2 weeks before Christmas, and am wishing to enroll my boys into one of the excellent schools (Elementary) starting in January when students return from the break.

Is it possible? And how can I do that, making the transfer smooth and easy? Please help me.

Thank you so much! I look forward to living in Melbourne, beginning a new life there with my boys.

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MagnetMom August 14, 2010

Hi fabmomof2,

Since GreatSchools is a nationwide parent community, we can really only give you general suggestions, but I hope they'll help you get started.

I'd make contact with the Melbourne school district/school as soon as you have the information they'll need to register you--either a sales contract or a lease or a utility bill in your name. Any school will need that much to know you're zoned for their area. By calling in advance of the winter holiday you can tell them you're coming, the ages of your boys, and even any special needs they might have.

They can tell you how to go about transferring your son's records--at least preliminarily so they have an idea where they are academically.

If you can have the boys actually start a few days before the winter break it might even be better. Classes won't be doing that much except getting ready for the break, and the boys can meet a few kids they might want to play with and get to know over the break.

As soon as you move, get your boys enrolled in activities--sports, music, you name it, so they have friends in the new area. And for more information on what you can do to ease the transition, you can read some of the articles in the GreatSchools library:

Good luck with your move!


fabmomof2 August 23, 2010

MagnetMom, thanks so much for your great suggestions!! I will definitely follow that. And just one thing I'm not completely sure if I can, but will try to transfer my boys to the new school few days before the holiday break. Thank you again so much, I really do appropriate it!!

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