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What are the best public schools in Philadelphia (not including the Charter School's such as Masterman)?


nilminiklur October 1, 2010

I am not impressed with the private education system in Philadelphia though Greene Street Friends School seems very professional, competent, and most importantly genuine. I am wondering what are the good public schools in the Philadelphia Public School system, not including the specialty schools such as Masterman. I have heard that McCall and Meredith are good and would like to hear more about these schools and what others have to say about the other schools.

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webster493 October 1, 2010

In Philadelphia, Masterman is the gold standard. It just doesn't get any better. I'd be interested to know why you find the private education system lacking. Philadelphia is fortunate to have a plethora of private schools when so many communities have limited to no choices. Alas, I digress. My daughter was at Greene Street for two years but we moved. Even though everyone loves pre-K and Kindergarten, learning was so magical there that if we could have made it work, we would have. But it wasn't possible.
So it's been a good 30 years since I have been out of middle school. I attended McCall. Back then, if you couldn't get your kid into Masterman, you tried Greenfield, McCall or Meredith. All have gone down hill. However, at McCall, I really see the parents making a concerted effort to get neighborhood kids back into the school. And they are having some success. Remember, for McCall, the "neighborhood" is Society Hill, where the kids and parents have access to tons of resources. When I was there, one of my classmates was the daughter of a the editor of a newspaper. Personally, I don't thihnk that Meredith or Greenfield have made quite the comeback that McCall has so my bets would be on McCall. You can read the article, too. If you go on, the article was titled "Parents work to rejuvenate a public school." Hope this has been helpful.


ecomberg November 20, 2010

I go to Penn Alexander School. Although you must live in the catchment area to go to my school, you will get the best education in the city here. At masterman, they hand pick their students and take them to get good test scores, making it "the gold standard". However, my school takes everyone in who lives in the catchment but the administration here is so amazing that they make it so that our test score soars. We don't take students, We actually teach them. The most amazing thing about PAS is the environment. We have almost weekly assemblys where people from Penn (Who support our school) come into our beautiful building and give us presentations that make us even more cultured. My favorite aspect of PAS is the vigorous program. My literacy ans science teachers teach us on a high school level in middle school but make it easy to understand. My Social Studies teacher is so engaging and my math teacher makes everything easy to understand. My school is about 40% Caucasian, 40% African American, 10% asian, and 10% other. This rich combination make my school the amazing place that it is.

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