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prashgos November 7, 2010

Hi All, we just came to know that our home school will have lottery system for next year , So we are looking for apartments near another good schools in Cupertino school district like Collins .. Is there any way to search apartments near one particular school or address.

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loasunshine2 November 7, 2010

When I need to find housing near a specific school/school district, I first search for properties in the school district. If the district has more than one elementary/ middle school/junior high, then I contact the district office for the mapping of their school district. They usually provide maps in person, advise where to find that map on their website, or email a copy of the map for you. Once the map is provided, you can search for apartments on housing websites, even craigslist. The reason I mention craigslist is our complex advertises specials on there all the time. It's free for the complex and the discount is usually available for new leases and only for the first year of renting.
Most rental communities will advise on their website and/or in Apartment Guide books which school district they belong to.
Good luck.


SallyA November 7, 2010

Check out below link, change state from California to your own State. Then enter in your address.


MagnetMom November 7, 2010

Great answers so far. Anytime it comes to real estate and schools, I always suggest talking to a real estate agent as well. They know which schools they get constant demands for (and you can double check with the data here:

You can even talk to the schools you're interested in and there's a good chance that the office staff know which apartment complexes feed into the school.

Good luck.

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