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Any gifted-kid friendly schools in central NJ?


keymar_way December 28, 2010

Can anyone recommend a public or private school in central NJ that is responsive to the needs of profoundly gifted children (above the 99.9 percentile IQ and several years ahead)? Our son cries nearly daily (he is in first grade) that he is terribly bored. He gets pulled out of class 45 minutes a week, but the remainder of time has to listen to things he learned years ago. We are looking for a school that understands we don't want to push him, we just want him to have a happy fulfilling school experience, which all children deserve. Any advice about good or bad schools in central NJ would be much appreciated. Anyone out there know of any alternative schooling ideas? I have a full-time career so can't home-school.

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liuj99 May 31, 2013

Hi Keymar_way,

I noticed your post about a year and an half ago. I hope you have found a good school for your child. I am not offering any advice, instead, am hoping to learn from your experience. We are moving from Seattle to the Princeton area in New Jersey. I, too, have a son, who has an IQ score above the 99.9 percentile. He is currently in K at a gifted program in Seattle. Have you been able to found a school that is friendly to and understands gifted kids? Thank you very much in advance for any insights you might be able to offer!


user5292394 September 15, 2013

The HEROES Academy for the Gifted is a school for the gifted and talented in New Brunswick. It is a very small school that will cater to students performing at the high school or college level in at least one subject area. Placement is based on demonstrated ability without any minimum age requirement although most of the highly gifted students that participate start around 10-11 years old and age out around 16-17 years old.

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keymar_way February 4, 2014

As a follow-up with my experience, I thought this might be useful. After interviewing dozens of schools, we went to Three Bridges in Readington, mainly because of the gifted program teacher. He had an outstanding experience there. One piece of advice is to look beyond the elementary school before deciding. Now that my son is in the next school for 4th grade - Hollandbrook, things took a turn for the worse. He now hates school and is getting in trouble for not sitting still. The teachers for the most part are not friendly. Hopefully things will improve. He tests at above average for 12th grade, so it will be a long road ahead of us. We tried HEROES academy, but sadly, my son is so turned off from school, that he didn't take to it well. He asks why is he being punished for being bored by having to take weekend classes, when all he wants is to be challenged during school time. I asked for an extra math tutoring from a teacher to spend a few minutes after school before going to the after-school program, but was told it is against district policy. It's sad when the school doesn't really look at the individual child and see the effect their policy can have on him/her.
Personally, I didn't like the Princeton area schools, because when I tried to communicate his abilities, I was told "well, all kids in our school can read before first grade". Really, were they all reading chapter books on their 3rd birthday? Clearly, a school that caters to people who all think their children are gifted is not the place for actual gifted kids, at least for us. If we find a solution, I'll post again.


user5544584 May 5, 2014

Were you able find a suitable solution for your kid ?


keymar_way June 10, 2014

HEROES would likely work for other children. They also offer very useful support for the parents, and have been working toward opening a full-time school for the gifted. We might enroll him once it's up and running. My son has now learned to accept school for what it is. We've been doing other things on the side, and we've been happy with that. I truly believe he will turn out ok despite the obstacles presented by our education system. He's a fun, funny and kind kid with many friends and an interest in sports, so overall, I can say for now that we are very fortunate. I'll report back next school year.

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