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brow2202 February 9, 2011

My daughter is coming home saying she doesn't want to go to school nomore cause kids are picking on her and hitting her. She's a very sensative child but has tried to tell teachers and noone is listening. She use to love school. Any advise?

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JUS3CS February 9, 2011

I am experiencing the same situation with my daughter. She is usually so excited about school and lately I realize she doesn't want to go because she's being picked on. I called and left a message to speak to the Assistant principle to see how we can resolve the situation.


Claudiartm February 9, 2011

Go to the principal, and if the principal doesn't do anything go to the district. I am experiencing the same thing with my daughter being bullied by a boy in her class. The teacher and the principal is aware of it, I have even talked to the father of this boy. There are days when he lives my daughter alone, but there are days when he picks on her, slaps and kicks her, spits and pushes her. The principal is not doing much about the situation, and I just finished wrtiting a complaint and I will send it to the district ASAP.


stl1973 February 10, 2011

I'm having same problem with my daughter! She was always EXCITED about school,but this this year very different Attitude she has about school!!! She just comes home the other day saying I don' t want to go to school anymore especially that one mom! My heart broke because she a quiet,beautiful little girl I feel I'm losing because of this.I don't see the sparkle in her eyes anymore about school or other things & that saddens me!! I have done the talk to principal,teacher etc.. ,but may have to do what Claudiatm is saying to do!!!!!!!!


JPoloPTASCE February 10, 2011

Parents, you need to bring this up to Mr. Rios again. I wonder if your children are having these problems with the same child. Maybe the bullying children have special needs that have not been recognized yet. It might be a good idea for you to come to the next PTA meeting to bring up the issue of bullying and see if we can all come up with a plan of action.


stinkers February 10, 2011

What grade and class are you talking about? I hope it's not the 3rd grade.
I feel so sorry for your daughter, I hope she learns to love school again, she still has ways to go. Make sure that's the only reason she don't wanna go.


benniefan13 February 10, 2011

is this bennie


FaithHeals February 11, 2011

Your daughter deserves to feel safe and respected in school. Yes, she is sensitive. This does not give another kid the right to torment her. She deserves better. Problem is, we have no control over other people, only ourselves. See if you can work with her on not reacting, or reacting with laughter. (Bullies live to hurt people, so by reacting with fear and sadness you are inadvertently validating their power and guaranteeing they will come after you even more.) If this does not work, tell your daughter to find bully's weakness and exploit it. Sound sick? Welcome to the world. My son had a huge problem with bullying. After switching schools three times in three years we learned... we found a school with a zero tolerence policy and my son provoked the bully until bully got permanently expelled. On another occasion my son learned to give the bully a compliment, to boost the kids self esteem - and this also worked. The bottom line is to trust your instincts and know your enemy. Use this as an opportunity to teach her survival skills. Mean spirited people are a part of life. They teach us to appreciate all that is good, but, this does not mean you should tolerate anyones abuse.


john7086 February 11, 2011

My kid had the same problem and I did some research and I found the following information: In Broward County, there is a zero tolerence policy of Bully. Your problem is you only TALK to the school. As long as you didn't fill the offical report, they can keep it under the table and not taking care it. There is a state law about the Bully in school and school have to follow the procedure (You can find these information both in County school board website and school website) The best way to do it make it official.

Here is what you need to do: Go to Broward County Public School website to download their Bully report form and fill it out. Then, you have two option: submit to the school or the school board. Once you fill it they have 10 days to complete the investigation. If the investigation comfirm it is bully. This will go to the student permenant record until he graduate from high school which is very serious. The key is you have to submit the report form. Once you submit the form, the school (The Pricipal) have to do a formal investigation and inform you the answer. This will do two things for you: If they confirm it is bully, the school have to take action. If they said it is not bully, there will still be a record that you file a bully report and this will get the school attention. The school (most likely will be the pricipal or the assitant pricipal) will talk to the parents of the student. This should bring eoungh atttention to school and parents to stop any more bully.

This is my experience. The kid stop bullying my kid. I hope this will help you.


MartinMom February 13, 2011

E-Mail - Write letters - Send notes daily updating Teachers and Principals - Send e-mails daily making sure teachers and principals got the notes you sent. When they have it in writing they will respond faster and you will see progress faster. I'm sure they have a no-tolerance policy. Have your child write e-mails after school describing how the bullying went that day. Then follow up the next morning by having her give a note to the adult she sent the e-mail to confirming that they got the information. After a few days of e-mails and notes - ask for a meeting with the teacher. The first time there is a bullying event after that meeting - set up a meeting with the Vice Principal. Follow the channels. Eventually, you will get satisfaction. During all of this, let your child know that you are on her side, fighting for her, it's not her fault, etc. . . She will gain strength just knowing you are fighing FOR her. Good Luck!!!


Bones06 February 14, 2011

I am in the process of buying a house in Nokesville and have always heard good things about the elementary school and the administration. If this issue is not addressed rapidly I will pull out of the deal and make my reason plain to the local government . I refuse to have my children subjected to a school administration that allows bullying to continue.

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