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punkysmom06 February 23, 2011

My Daughter is 4 years old and we have one more year to keep checking out schools in our area. We live in Burlington City and there is no way that I am sending her to that school district. Private is what we are looking for. Does anyone know of any good private schools around our area? I stay at home but am willing to drive to take her and pick her up. Thanks, Heather

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TheologianGirl July 14, 2013

When I lived in Cleveland Ohio and my daughter was 4,I was uncomfortable with sending her to school.I ended up Home Schooling her online with K12 Public online School.They provided Everything for free.Now my daughter is 13 and in Public school for 4 years and doing very well.I'm just letting you know to explore your options.It was a positive experience Schooling her at home at that young age.I just wasn't comfortable with my options at that time.Now that she's older she excells in School...Loves it.Since you did mention you were a stay at home mother,,You may find this works for you..Just a Thought..

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