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Looking for feedback of the Rochester NY area schools (outside of the city).


Anonymous May 12, 2008

I'm not from the Rochester NY area, but I've lived here for almost five years. So my exposure to the different school districts is very limited (but I know to stay away from the city schools).

I have one child enrolled in a school district in a suburb East of Rochester that's highly rated in regards to test results, however the pupil population is so large and I'm starting to see some disadvantages of having my child in such a large school district.

I'm looking to possibly relocate next year to a smaller school district West of Rochester with a nice community feel, but I would really like to hear from some parents first who have experience with some of the schools on that side.

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kkornas May 12, 2008

You may have come across this in your research already, but here's a page that compares cities (based on school stats) near Rochester:

From there, you can dig into individual cities and schools and read Parent Reviews. Hope this helps!


Suomi0304 December 1, 2008

The problem with east Rochester is 1) many of the parents and children are very snooty and 2) it is extremely competitive.

In my opinion, knowing Rochester for 17 years I would place my child in the Gates- Chili School District. The people, the curriculum, and the schools I think are excellent.


Blakhawk June 15, 2009

Suomi's generalization about snooty parent and kids in schools east of Rochester is not useful. While I can understand why some people would make that comment about Fairport or Pittsford schools, it does not mean that Fairport and Pittsford do not have great schools. And that comment would make no sense with regard to Penfield or other school districts east of Rochester. I also assume she was not talking about East Rochester in making that comment, as East Rochester is one of the more down-to-earth communities in the Rochester area. If you look at the rankings in the site linked in kkornas' reply, you'll see the schools east of Rochester tend to be highly ranked.


Suomi0304 June 23, 2009

Fairport is fine. It's Penfield and Pittsford. My dear friend, the reason why I said that is because it does reflect on the school. First of all, some wealthy families of Pittsford and Penfield are *paying* to have their children's grades raised! Believe me I know people from the area who are in the edu system. The reason why I say to avoid the east side of Rochester is because of the snootiness. That will affect a child's education. Being from poverty, I got a chance to go to a "better" school on the east side. I was continuously bullied for having less the entire year I was there. I fell into a depression and my grades dropped. I ended up returning to a city school, getting a scholarship, and doing my senior yr. in Europe. If a child is bullied or has to deal with the cliques on the east side their emotional health can affect their academics. East Rochester is down to earth to people who look like they belong there (ex: middle upper class). Try saying that when you're Hispanic and poor.
Again I would recommend Gates-Chili.


Blakhawk June 26, 2009

To suggest that children are more likely to be bullied in Penfield or Pittsford schools, as opposed to Gates-Chili or any other school district in this area, is just poppycock. That reflects one person's experience. Any one child can have a good or a bad experience in any school anywhere. The fact remains that the suburban schools on the east side of Rochester tend to be the most highly rated in the metro area, and Penfield and Pittsford are two of the best.

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