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Anyone with information about Springville Elementary in Beaverton, OR?


OneJMG May 30, 2011

We are considering sending our children to Springville Elementary in Beaverton, OR. Does anyone have any experience with the school or has anyone heard anything about the school? It's not profiled by Great Schools, probably because it opened in 2009.

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OneJMG February 14, 2013

Thanks, nycpingo. I'm glad that you're pleased.


nycpingo February 12, 2013

My son transferred from Findley. This is probably the best elementary school in 97229 zip code


OneJMG May 31, 2011

Thanks very much, zafard. If you have time to write more, what do you like about it? What is different from the other school that you like better? Is there anything you wish were different?


zafard May 30, 2011

My son has been attending for nearly 2 years. Physical facility is probably one of the best in Beaverton -- much better than the older Beaverton schools. Seems very well run. Would definitely recommend this elementary school. My son transferred there from another Beaverton school and he likes it much better.

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