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half day vs full day kindergarten


eccentric July 9, 2009

Our school district recently switched from half day to full day KG for the next year. While most working parents were excited, many stay @ home parents protested, and the Principal had to tell S @ H parents that they were in minority!

Are there any reliable studies that show benefits of half vs full day or vice versa?
Which one would you prefer and why?

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user5436519 February 3, 2014

I am a Stay at home and WAS against the full day. My caughter is currently in kindergarden. My thoughts were that once 1st grade begins, it will be full days from there. I thought this would be great to have 1/2 day and then playmates in the afternoon.

However, I have since changed my mind. I wish I knew now what I did last year and I would have sought a full day program. There are 25 kids in the class. It simply isn't enough time. If a station runs long, it cuts into their recess. They pack the same curriculum into the 3 1/2 hours that the full day. Work is often incomplete.

We live in an amazing school district, but I am so disappointed. Slightly over half of our class has Stay at home moms. Due to feedback, the district is offering a full day next year.


mbenavides2011 September 16, 2013


HalfDay November 13, 2011

NOV 11, 2011: Last week ,the National School Boards Association's Center for Public Education released a report showing that children who attended pre-K plus half-day kindergarten were more likely to read at high levels by the third grade than children who attended only full-day kindergarten.
CHILDREN NEED BALANCE! Half day needs to remain a choice!
Please protect the children and preserve the rights of parents...


halfdayk February 17, 2011

HalfdayKindgergarten.Org contains many studies and reports that show why the option for Half Day must remain available to parents. The recent posts explain why the situation has become dire. We need to be aware of the threat to our liberties. There also are a few links to key support groups for parents who homeschool. Please visit this site for the studies... but consider joining our effort as well... It takes seconds to sign the petition to protect parents freedoms and rights, and save our children from what the experts are calling: irresponsible instituion. Thank you.


ashleyketter August 6, 2009

My child will be going full day kindergarden. It will keep her busy during the day and when she comes home she can relax, do homework ( with parent's help) and get a good night sleep. I feel that full day kindergarden will benefit not only her, but the whole family. She is very excited about going and although she had some issues in preschool about doing homework but i feel its the parent's that have to make it fun for them to learn and not make it so boring. I am looking forward to see how the year will start off for my little princess. In the school district she will be attending they start August 10th for five days to get to know the teachers, their peers, get a class schedule and enjoy themselves get them prepared for what is to come. I like that idea. I feel that is important. Offical start date for all students though is August 25th. By that time i feel my daughter will be able to manage.


mrsvalentin98 July 30, 2009

I live in Fl and our K still takes naps, we even have to buy nap mats for our children when they start school. It is for an hour long. After lunch they play for an hour then nap for an hour then get up play , story time then home.


eccentric July 30, 2009

I don;t know any kindergarten that will allow rest time or nap time even for 5 year old kids?! I suppose only daycare centers will do that. My boyys stopped napping when they were three (maybe earlier!), but they slept by 8 O'clock. I do agree with physical tiredness of the kids at that age.


MagnetMom July 30, 2009

great points both Janette and Ra.

My daughter had half her class falling asleep after lunch during full-day K. It took a week or two before most could make it the whole day. For many kids, it's just too much--especially late birthday kids who are often a year to 18 months younger than the kids in the class with them.

And Ra, my son was like that. If he napped, he'd never go to sleep, so when he'd start getting a little tired at dinner time, I'd redirect until we'd eaten and he'd had time with his dad, and then he'd still not sleep until 9 or 10. But with a nap he'd outlast both of us!


Child_Of_Ra July 30, 2009

For some kids it might be too demanding, but for others it might be exactly what they need. Like my son. Yes, he goes to bed early most days. But that's good. And generally, he's better behaved on the days he's been to school a full day and come home than he has when he's been home all day long with not enough activity to keep his busy mind and body occupied. And he does NOT nap. If he naps, he's up until 3 AM! No naps for my boy.

Some kids need a lot of demand during the day and some kids don't. Each person needs to keep that in mind when they're thinking about this topic.


Janette July 30, 2009

The biggest issue for me is that kindergarten is physically and emotionally exhausting-- even for kids who have been in day care since they were babies, even for kids who can already ready, even for kids who gave up naps years ago.

My older kids did great academically, but struggled with the physical demands of half-day kindergarten. They would be so cross and whiny! The first few weeks I was literally putting them to bed at 6:30.

My youngest did full-day K. They had a rest time, but he was pulled out of that for speech so he didn't often get his rest time. Almost every day he would fall asleep on the way home-- and I was putting him to bed at 6:30 just like I did with his older siblings.

So if you are looking at full-day K, I would advise finding out about their rest policy. If they don't allow a rest time or naps, they do not know much about 5-year-olds and I wouldn't want my child there.

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