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Riverside Christian Schools Vs Riverside Christian Day


ghostic August 24, 2011

Does anyone have kids that have attended either of these schools in Riverside CA. What are your thoughts on the school and would you recommend them based on curriculum, academic and overall how happy your child was at the school.

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rtworek March 17, 2013

I transferred my granddaughter from a public school to Riverside Christian Schools. She has an autistic spectrum disorder and was continuously bullied in the public school. She loves her new school where she is now mainstreaming. Her 5th grade teacher totally understands her spectrum problem and makes adjustments for her education. The new school doesn't have any special education counselors or resources, but my granddaughter is doing fine. She recently received an honor award and she received a 1st place blue ribbon for her science fair project. There are several more students in her class suffering various degrees of autism and they are also mainstreaming and doing well. They also had the same problems with bullying at their public schools. She does get a lot of homework assignments (spending 3 hours each evening). The school is very academically progressive, they will be giving Apple I-pads to all 6th through 12th grade students beginning this fall. Next year, they will begin to distribute mini I-pads to 1st through 5th grade as well. the students will no longer have to carry heavy loads of text books in their backpacks anymore, just an I-pad downloaded with all their textbooks. I highly recommend Riverside Christian Schools for any students, especially with autistic disorders.

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