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I live in Queens does any one know of any great school i can put my children in?


ROSAJAMIESON June 18, 2008

Good school in Jamaica, Queens

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tjlove June 20, 2008

Hello and welcome,
You didn't mention what grades your kids are in but here is a link to our City Page for Jamaica, Queens. It's a good place to start your school research.

I hope this helps!


shatina January 21, 2009

well, a good school for children in grades kindegarten through 5th grade is Grace Lutheran Day School. I ateended that school and couldn't be happier. It's a private school and for christitan children. the classes are really small which is good and hard to find in queens these days. your childre has to take a specialized test to get in but don't worry they aren;t that hard.

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