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Are parents aware of the recent release of the Fordham study, "High Achievers in an era of NCLB?"


andyhanfmann June 20, 2008

Read how top performing students are making much smaller gains than the low performing students and teacher perceptions that the top performers are left to fend for
themselves. Then get up, get educated, and advocate for your child's development to potential and appropriate education!

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healthy11 October 22, 2008

This discussion has gone off-topic. The Fordham study is here:

It would be best for people who have other concerns to address them via private email or in a new posting.


tjlove October 23, 2008

I agree with Healthy. Let's keep this thread on topic. Please start a new thread for discussions of another topic.


fattyman January 1, 2009

Part of the reason my son attends the school he does (which does not have to take all of the state mandated tests because it is a private, independent, alternative school) is because they don't spend all of their time teaching to the test. I think the kids in his school are much better at "learning". They have been taught since kindergarten how to go about finding out information and doing research and they are always doing individual projects. The teachers set the bar for each individual student when they are being graded (they technically don't receive "grades" and are also not being compared to other students, just to their own prior accomplishments). In math they are often ahead of their grade level and are taught the reasoning behind the methods. It is good for school to be accountable for what students are learning (or not learning) but I think NCLB has gone overboard with kids being tested to death and not having the chance to really "learn" or to learn how to learn things on their own. Schools often don't have the time to teach "fun" stuff anymore. My mother is a teacher and one of her fellow teachers gave away her whole dinosaur curriculum to my son's school because that doesn't fit into the curriculum anymore with the tests the kids have to pass.


daretothink January 2, 2009

You are right. I started a web-site to eliminate the No Child Left Behind Act; but, haven't completed it. However, in doing research there are a lot of people starting to organize now. Parents have to know the truth of how this act has hurt our kids! Teachers need to tell the truth and speak out. There is a group of teachers in Broward County Florida who are finally speaking out. If you go on line and type in stop the no child left behind act, you will find a wealth of people who are working towards it.

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