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what's the best school's in houston area?


new-to-Houston June 25, 2008

I heard that the Katy school district is the best in the Houston area. I am relocating from California to Houston in 2 weeks and I am looking for the best neighborhood to live in. I don't mind comuting to work downtown. I just want the best schools for my children.

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jchu1727 June 28, 2008

I think the best school district is Memorial and City of Bellaire not Katy. Ballaire High school was in top 100 in the nation, and this is the only one high school in Houston ranked in top 100.


CincoStudent January 8, 2009

Cinco Ranch High School in Katy TX was ranked #1 public school in houston in 2007 and here is a good site to search and compare different schools:,33640/pid=sr/up_txt=Cinco$sp;Ranch/up_ust=TX/up_p=1/up_fp=1

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