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chiefsmiley13 September 20, 2011

I have a son that will be starting K Fall 2012 in LAUSD. Or home school is a Charter but we don't want him to attend there. How does the Open Enrollment process work? When does it begin for next school year? Feeling abit lost!

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MagnetMom September 20, 2011

Hi chiefsmiley13,

Open enrollment will occur in late April or early May. It will be announced in the Los Angeles Community of GreatSchools, it will be published in the LA Times, the Daily News, and the website.

You'll find out which schools are available, how many spots are available, and you'll be able to get an application to apply.

Good luck!


chiefsmiley13 September 21, 2011

thnx alot.


mdorn05 September 22, 2011

My daughter's school is also on open enrollment list. But please note that the numbers of opening spots is changing every year, My daughter's school offered 60-70 spots two years ago, but this year the school offered less than 10 spots for open enrollment. They cut down kinder classes and the school got API over 900 this year, so local residents want to send the kids here. Not many spots left for open enrollment.


chiefsmiley13 January 4, 2012

So open enrollment will start April. I have to check the that much. How do you get the applications? Does each school have a different application? Just want to make sure I don't screw this up.


MagnetMom January 5, 2012

You can pick up the applications at each school. They're all very similar, from what I remember. Some gave out additional forms just so they were already filled out (like emergency cards). But you pick up each form at the specific schools.

Good luck!


Sadie51 January 19, 2012

My five year old brother will be attending an west allis elementary school in milwaukee wisconsin. My sister is going to Central High school in west allis which is also in milwaukee. If my sister is already enrolled in the west allis area does my brother have to do the same process as my sister did?

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