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Private Christian School Tuition Assistance


lainer4 January 3, 2012

Would love to send my little ones to the private Christian school near our home. Other than the financial aid program they have set up with the school, has anyone come across any legitimate funding? I have tried NAIS, WA State Dept of Education,

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TeacherParent January 4, 2012

Private schools themselves can have the names of available outside scholarships such as those offered by private foundations. But outside scholarship money is fairly rare and what there is is usually intended for assistance at the college level.

The most common source of funding or financial assistance to attend private school is the private school itself.


MagnetMom January 4, 2012

Hi lainer4,

In addition, schools often give generous tuition breaks to employees. If you can get even a part-time job at the school, it can lower your tuition.

Also check with grandparents and other relatives, they may be willing to support this endeavor as well.

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