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Help with identifying a reading disorder in my kindergartner


amandaellason February 26, 2012

My son is in Kindergarten. He hasn't been "diagnosed" with a reading disorder but I can see he is struggling. His teacher says we jst need to keep working with him but I don't want to wait to long and it turn out to really be a problem. Does anyone have any advice abt how I could test him myself or jst any advice at all abt identifying if he needs some extra help. Thanks
**All advice or comments are welcome.

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itsamerryworld March 6, 2012

You have been given some great advice and resources here. I am the mom of a now 7th grade girl who has had reading struggles since she was very young. There is no magic bullet or "fix" but you must be very diligent throughout his school years, in getting the right assessment and targeted tutoring from a reading specialist. Read all you can on the topic once he is diagnosed. Always support and encourage your son, as he may have days where he dislikes school and will feel insecure or even bullied. I don't allow pity, but reward hard work. I do talk to teachers a couple of weeks into the school year to let them know what we are doing outside of class to encourage reading. We still read to her at age 13. To feel more independent, we find she does well with audiobooks. We require that she reads along, allowing her to see and hear the words pronounced. She also needs a ruler or bookmark to stay on the line. Our school library has "PlayAways", which are audiobooks on a digital gadget. Also, take time to find books he really enjoys. If my daughter just can't get into a book, I allow her to drop it and try another. Good Luck to you both.

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