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Can anyone tell me the difference between a


mgiedt February 27, 2012

I am trying to decide between a "core knowledge" school and one that teaches the Jefferson County, CO. curriculum. Can't anyone help me out? What is the difference

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MagnetMom February 27, 2012

Hi mgledt,

I had to look up what Jefferson County's curriculum. They have a website that explains it here: I'm not sure how much that will help.

Core Knowledge is a curriculum designed by E.D. Hirsch and tries to teach common, cultural standards to students so that all children at a specific grade learn the same thing. Often parents of twins will complain at the end of the year, their two children will have learned different things in different classes. Core Knowledge focuses on the idea that certain stories--folk tales, specific literature, science and cultural references help bind us together, and help students relate to each other--and to the world around them. Their website is here:

I've been supplementing my kids' education for nearly 20 years with the Core Knowledge books "What Your First Grader Should Know" and all the books through fifth grade.

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