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Hamilton Elementary??


flypiggie March 8, 2012

I live out of state and am moving to Tulsa. The manager of the place I am moving says that we are in Owen and Hamilton Elementary districts. (depending on which place we rent I guess) and I looked up the address on the Tulsa Schools website and it said my son (going into 2nd grade) will be going to Hamilton ES... I cannot find Hamilton listed in their school profiles at all, and any general search I find, states Hamilton as a middle school. Could anybody please clarify this for me?

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Sthcthnmh March 8, 2012

We lived in Tulsa from December 2009 until January 2010. switch from We had our son enrolled in the Union School District @ Darnaby Elem School. We LOVED Darnaby! The PTA participation is wonderful, the parents are very involved, kids have so many activities to participate in. The running club, art classes, sports, etc. One of the things I loved was ability to eat lunch with my little one, and he thoroughly looked forward to those afternoons! He excelled academically and was challenged and encouraged to do more. I participated on several committee and got to know so many great parents. Look into Union school district if you have not settled on a home, you WILL NOT regret it!


MagnetMom March 9, 2012

And their website says it's a school of choice, see here:

When you contact them that might be something new. They might have converted it. The website says "elementary school" which would make sense if you live in Owen's boundaries, but Hamilton is a school of choice.

Contact them directly and see what you can find out.

Good luck with the move!

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