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Duval Charter School @ Baymeadows


rebeccas4 May 7, 2012

I was looking online for some reviews or scores on this school, and I can't find a thing. How can that be possible? All those students and not one single parent has anything to say about it. So, I'm posting here to see if anyone has any sort of input about the school and it's curriculum. Thank you in advance! :))))

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MagnetMom May 7, 2012

It looks like the school just opened, so there's no data to publish yet. We'll make sure to include the information as soon as it's available.

Since GreatSchools is a nationwide website, we should mention this is in Jacksonville, Florida, and their website is here:


rebeccas4 May 7, 2012

Thank you MagnetMom, I thought I was going crazy there. lol!


Responsiblepa September 11, 2012

The school is new and working out some issues. However, the teachers are really great. The pride and enthusiasm is outstanding. The pickup line is a disaster. Expect no less than an hour at pick up and at leat one grounchy faculty member's dailly complaining for you to hear about the kids.I would say he adds to the already high level of frustration. However, the accademics, sports, arts and many different areas of interest are high. Again, I don't think you will find better teachers are great. The office staff is friendly and caring. Truly though, expect to spend several hours a week, dropping and pciking up your children.


LeAnneCC April 21, 2013

I am responding to Rebeccas4 and Responsiblepa,
This is our 2nd year at DCSB and we absolutely love it! There were a ton of posts on this website last year and have no idea why they're off. We don't and have never spent an hour in car line. Perhaps at the beginning of the year there was a much longer wait but that is true for all schools the first few weeks to a month of school. But it has leveled off to about 15-20 minutes that is if you know when to hit it right. School is fabulous on all levels. There are over 2,000 families on our waiting list. Shows a lot about DCSB and DCHS!

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