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Stacy1161 May 11, 2012

I actually do currently reside in Indianapolis and I have 2 children that attends IPS Paul I Miller #114. My son has went to this school since Kindergarten and is soon going into the 6th grade. My son has been diagnosed with Borderline Learning Disability, PDD & ODD. He can most definitely be a hand full! He was awarded a 1 on 1 assistant a few years ago & although he has 1 I still seem to get called over dang near every little thing that he does & he gets sent home quiet often (not always suspended, just sent home, but has been suspended many times since kindergarten). The school has also sent him to Juvenile Detention about 4x. I also have a daughter that has been held back twice. Once in the 1st grade & again in the 2nd. I begged & begged for them to test her but they failed me. I, as her mother knew that something wasn't right with my child. She wasn't at all understanding, no matter how much you simplified it. I believe that if they would had did the testing the 1st 5 times I asked than perhaps she wouldn't had failed twice. She now gets better grades because they have finally tested & accomidated her. Both of my children have I E P'S. My point of writing this though is to see if anyone knows of a GREAT school here in Indianapolis? I do live in IPS district zip is 46218 & I am low income but I so badly need my kids in a school that can handle my sons issues, work with him instead of just sending him home because they find him difficult to handle & not call me to come get him all the time. I know (& hope) that there has got to be a school that can totally & completely work with & accomidate him. I need for my kids to have a fair chance in life & grow up to be successful despite their labled disabilities. Please tell me of a school that can correctly & effectively handle my children & help them grow??? It is almost summer vaca though so I am not looking to change their school until the next school year. My son will be entering the 6th grade & my daughter will be entering the 3rd.

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MagnetMom May 13, 2012

Hi Stacy1161,

With an IEP come certain legal responsibilities. The school must provide specific accommodations for your son and daughter. If you feel they are not, you should contact the district and look for additional support for your children, including moving them to a school that can better accommodate their needs.

The district should have some department that handles Special Education and children with IEPs.

Good luck and let us know how it's going.

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