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What TV shows are right for 6 and 5 year olds?


little_kids August 13, 2008

Hi I'm Mindy! I have twins that are 5 and a 6 year old from my husband's previous marriage. Anyway i want to know what shows they should be watching. thanks!

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little_kids August 13, 2008

I would also like to know what my 6 year old son should be watching. so far i know Abby's is Hannah Montana and Emily likes Sponge-bob and Patrick likes watching movies over and over an over!


sbozarth23 August 13, 2008

I think it would heavily depend on what you personally feel is appropriate for your children. I like veggie tales (again a personal choice), sesame street etc. I personally like shows that have to do with learning, diversity, tolerance. I steer away from any shows that portray violence as comical (loony toons) or show fighting as a way to solve problems. Finding cartoons that do not use certain words is a challenge sometimes. Sponge bob for instance, has a gratuitous use of the word "stupid" in some of the episodes I've seen. I might not be as strict but I really believe people especially young children are heavily influenced by what they watch on television. For children as young as yours I would suggest that they watch no more than an hour or two of television a day. That would eliminate a lot of your problems with choosing until they are a little older and wiser to filter out some of that nonsense.


GoBuffs August 13, 2008

Disney channel is pretty safe, however, I tend to think some of the shows are geared more to pre-teens, (10-12) and so you may want to check out the show before you let them watch. I am raising a teen and a 7 year old, so truth be told, my 7 year old has probably seen things that if I was able to keep them completely separate, she would not have. Nothing bad, but more of the young teen characters dealing with dating, etc. So, the only real advice to give is to look at the children driven channels and watch the shows first. You will know what is okay if you take the time to watch what is on during their normal TV time.


drjohnson August 13, 2008

When my kids were that age, we kept the tv tuned to PBS. We don't get cable. For those times when kids programming wasn't on, we kept to videos. There's a huge selection in the public library for minimal cost or free.

Fortunately, at that age, they like to watch the same thing over & over & over. One of our favorites was Kiki's Delivery Service. A lovely animated film with no bad guys.


nanners108 August 13, 2008

If they are going to watch TV, I would suggest PBS. I would limit TV time to one hour per day. That is what my children are given (ages 5 and 10). It also allows you to give computer time. My 5 year old prefers the computer to TV. This just works for my family. Good Luck.


laura1967 August 13, 2008

IT has been a long time since my child was 6, but i remember "little bear"".." barney" and most of the time when he did watch T.V....I did too and IF I DID see something, i did not like i would say "That was not nice...was it???


Rryseloki August 14, 2008

My son likes Franklin and Arthur, I don't mind him watching those shows. I am quickly getting tired of Diego for some reason. He also likes watching Super Why, but he is also on the computer more than he watches tv.


clarkm August 14, 2008

when my kids were little they loved little bear, dora, blues clues. I would let let watch educational tv. Pbs, and noggin are really good for kids that age. They also have websites that can help with learning


ashley123909 August 16, 2008

try noggin it teaches them team work, counting, reading, Spanish, letters, and more.
the Th grade girl


kmmkk1 September 11, 2008

Noggin and pbs are too "babyish" for my 5 and 7 year olds. I find these channels no longer hold their attention. (Although they love the websites for both channels - and

They love Spongebob (and they know it's against the law to say the word "stupid" even if the yellow guy on tv says it), Jimmy Neutron & Fairly OddParents. Other than that, they watch Animal Planet and they LOVE America's Funniest Videos.

It's really up to you to decide what's right in your home. I'm a "mean mom" because I don't allow my 7 year old to watch Hannah Montana and Drake & Josh.

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