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Vertical grade levels


LHWoodring June 21, 2012

My son is in 3rd grade, his school is starting a vertical grade level. Can anyone tell me the benefits,for the child,for this curriculum? My son has some issues with math and excels at reading. He does need a very stern teacher to keep him in his place and keep him focused. I did not know if this curriculum is a "right fit" for him.

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MagnetMom June 21, 2012

Hi LHWoodring,

I would be very interested in learning more about vertical grade levels as well. It appears that vertical grade levels allow students to be taught at various levels, so your son could be taught at a higher reading level, and get support he needs in math.

It sounds interesting. I found a few articles on it, but they're mostly aimed at professional development for teachers. Hopefully you can ask at your school what it means and how it will affect your son's learning.

Good luck!


Ortrun February 21, 2013

LH, how did it go for your son! I hope he found a teacher that keeps him focused but also challenges him on his level. I'm all for teaching students at their math/ reading level rather than their grade level - ideally keeping them with age peers but also challenging them - while mixed levels can also provide motivations for those needing to catch up and teaching/ leadership opportunities for those ahead.


Ortrun February 21, 2013

Magnet Mom, I enjoy reading your posts.

I'd be very interested in the articles you mention on vertical grade level research and benefits. It is a promising topic I wish I were more familiar with. Would you mind providing us links?



Tiana10 March 15, 2013

my kid is in third grade and it is hard in there so I study them and then they pass the mcas then they don't stay back

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