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What age do children start Pre-K in the state of Florida?


skysmom01 August 3, 2009

What age do children start Pre-K in the state of Florida?

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dhfl143 August 3, 2009

Take a look at the following My Florida website directly under the heading "Highlights of the VPK program" for age criteria:


prentiss2 August 4, 2009

Children age four years, 1 week, tend to enroll within Pre-K within the State of Florida. These children are given an opportunity to learn the basis in reading, writing, and arithmetic... Such as the learning of their ABCs, 123s, and Writing... They also learn motor coordination in drawing a stright line, recognizing colors and coloring/painting within the lines. These children learn their animals and their environmental needs. They learn about the different types of environments, water, air, and ground and what each provides the animals that dwell within each. This gives each child an opportunity to grow intellectually by understanding and applying their learning to their own existance (big words they'll never learn on this level). Welcome to Florida! See your perspective school district for further information.

Micheal P Floyd Jr., Ed. D.
Academic Instructor

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