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Looking for a school with ESL program


Frenchlili July 27, 2012

Hello, we are a French family looking for a great public school in Oakland, CA, for our 5-year old daughter who doesn't speak English. I was strongly advised to look for a school with an ESL program...Which school would you recommand? I would be really grateful for your help and precious feedback. Thank you

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July16 July 28, 2012

Don't worry, I think all the schools have support for that, just enroll your daughter in the school and the personnel and the teachers will take care of her needs. Good Luck!


TeacherParent July 28, 2012

That link above is to a website and very active group of young parents in California. Consider posting your question there - Oakland California has good neighborhoods and not as good neighborhoods - Oakland has good schools and not as good schools. You need advice as to what neighborhoods you'll like.

Try this website as well -

While by law all public schools here are supposed to provide ESL support, the quality of that support and the quality of our schools here varies widely.

Many large cities here such as San Francisco for one will have active communities of French speaking parents - try to get in touch with those communities for their best advice as to what schools in the Oakland area will best meet your daughter's needs.

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