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twishi03 August 6, 2012

My son got admission to Muller magnet school,it was great excitement to him,but this excitement did not last long after receiving Transportation Bus pass .Weird timings are provided to us starting from 5:24AM in morning to 4:34 PM.
Firstly I want to know is it feasible for a kid at an age of eight to go to school at 5:20 AM and coming back at 4:30 PM.
The school is just 2.1 miles far , and the bus will take more than two and a half hours to reach school that too he has to transfer from magnet Ramp.
This is non seriousness of transportation department,It would have been better you write on website No transportation available so that at end parents and kids wont suffer and wont apply for magnet programmes.
I dont think these timings will be better for the progress and growth of any child of his age. Any child at his age will feel burden of going to school instead of enjoying .

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MagnetMom August 6, 2012

Hi twishi03,

I sure feel for you. Bussing in Los Angeles is provided only to magnet students since most schools are built into neighborhoods. And in my son's 11 years of magnet education, he took the bus one week (after I was involved in a serious car accident).

Busses are often shared by multiple schools, and worse, sometimes elementary schools and middle and/or high schools share the same bus.

It just wasn't an option for us--to drop my son off at 6:00 am for a drive that took 15 minutes when school started at 8 am. And the magnet bus stop was at a school in the opposite direction.

Thankfully you only live 2 miles, so hopefully you'll be able to find a carpool or something that will make it work for you.


TeacherParent August 7, 2012

You're right. That transportation is not appropriate for a young child. Is there a parents' association or parent/school organization at the magnet school? Try to get in touch with other parents there and find out how they get their children to the school.


twishi03 August 7, 2012

I went to school, even the authorities are not capable of changing transportation rules, and they could not suggest any other option.

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