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my son is coming to live with me


sandyarroyo August 11, 2012

my son decided over the summer vacation that we was readying to come live with me again, he was living in pa with my mom. im freaking out from excitement because i didnt want to force him to come down to jersey with me. I also lived in pa but a few years ago moved ...long story short how do i get the ball rolling , do i just go to the nearest school and what the proccess

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MagnetMom August 12, 2012

Hi sandyarroyo,

You'll want to call the school nearest you on Monday. They'll tell you if your home is zoned for that school.

You'll need his birth certificate, immunization record, and proof of residence (typically a utility bill or a lease agreement).

Good luck!


sandyarroyo August 13, 2012

Thanks magnetmom...


tashmoore August 19, 2012

If you know a neighbor with kids you can also ask them what school their kids go to. For me the school closest to me is not where my kids go (strange country district lines, mine is like a T shape). Sometimes the neighbors know more about that then the secretary at the school.


Christax218 August 20, 2012

Research & ask friends/neighbors about the schools near you. Ask the schools staff to give you a tour & even speak to one of the teachers for your child's grade level. You'll know what's best for you & your son!

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