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what is the best elementary school in north las vegas?? that has very good student teacher ratio?? please help.. will be movi...


jaedensmommy06 August 21, 2012

we will be moving to north las vegas in late october and i would like to find a good school for our kindr kid, medium to small class size )unlike calif. that has 26 kinder kids and just one teacher no teacher aid) please help.. thanks.. proud mom of a kinder kid

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MagnetMom August 22, 2012

Hi jaedesmommy06,

Student-teacher ratios are set by the state and individual school districts. With the economy where it has been the last few years, there has most definitely been an increase in that number. Where the ratio used to be 20:1 and classes would have as few as 17 or 18 kids, now the ratio in my daughter's district is 24:1 in lower grades and much higher in upper grades.

I'm not sure what you refer to as small or medium class size, but most of the public schools in a give state will have very similar ratios. Private schools can offer better ratios but even private schools can have high ratios.

To start your search, you can start here: After you type in your zip code or area, you will be able to narrow down your search by reading the parent reviews, comparing test scores, and looking at the ratios.

Good luck!

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