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I wish to find out if its possible to send your child to a prefered school other than the one the district proposes?My reason...


Limnyuy August 22, 2012

I just moved here and will like to have some suggestions thank you

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shinds August 22, 2012

Once it's a public school you must send your child to the zoned school as identified by Board of Education, unless you have another child attending another school then they may entertain a transfer so both siblings are together. Other than that, your choices are to try to get your child into a charter school, and often you find yourself on a waiting list, or you pay for a private school. I found myself in this exact situation and after a year my son fell back on his work. Right now I am searching for a suitable private school so that I can remove him from the public school. I hope this answers your question. Good luck!


MagnetMom August 23, 2012

Hi limnyuy,

GreatSchools is a nationwide parent community, so you might get answers that are different for different areas.

Truth is, many if not most, districts allow for some sort of school choice option. You'll want to check out the district website, because often there are deadlines to follow or applications to fill out.

Some programs are formal, like a magnet. Others are just simply if a school has space, they will allow you to enroll your children.

Good luck, and let us know what happens.

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