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Withdraw my students :(


valencia4 August 30, 2012

I received a call today from my kids school that I need o withdraw them because they are not in that area based on my zipcode to attend that school, and they have to attend the school that's closest to my house. The problem is the school that's closest to my house is not a good school. I have read several bad reviews about the school and my son attended the school one year so I can agree that the school is below average in everway. I want my children to have the best at education. What can I do! :(

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MagnetMom August 30, 2012

Hi valencia4,

School districts take enrollment seriously. In recent years, a woman was threatened with jail time for trying to falsify records. Well-known schools often do 'sweeps' to check for houses with abnormal numbers of children in a home. They'll even go in and ask to see bedrooms to make sure people aren't borrowing someone else's address.

You can ask if the school has any permits available to let you stay. However, things like open enrollment or child care permits usually are required to be filled out months in advance.

If you are not happy with your zoned school, get on the website for the district, and find out which programs are available to you. If there is absolutely no school choice in your district, you might want to explore some charter and private school options in your area. Charters are public schools but they are more autonomous and can demand more of families and students--in terms of behavior and rules--which can make a difference in terms of academic performance.

You can find schools in your area here:

Good luck.


savemychild August 30, 2012

OMG!!! The same thing happened to me....I am so pissed that I am close to tears. I agree with what MagnetMom said and I just wanted to add that there are some programs called No Child Left Behind that is now being called ESEA (not sure what that stands for), but if your child's home school is a failing school, then he/she will qualify for this program. You will have to speak with someone in your school's district to see what steps you will have to take to take this path. I too want the best for my child and it's so unfair that we as parents have to jump through hoops to ensure the very best!! Good Luck to you and I will let you know how things turn out as I pursue the same goal.


chicagojlo September 9, 2012

If the school is not meeting state standards you may be allowed to send them to an alternate school under the No Child Left Behind law, but you have to follow the rules set out by your local school district to do that.

You can't just send your kids where you want. If the school you are zoned for isn't bad enough to qualify you to change schools, you will have to do what everyone else does and move to an area with a better school, or apply for a charter school if any exist in your area, or pay for private school or homeschool. Not being happy with your local school sadly isn't enough to justify sending your kids to a school you aren't zoned for.


MeeshaLin September 9, 2012

I read your post and have a couple questions if you don't mind. I'd like to give my opinion and advice but need a bit more information.
You wrote that you got a call from your kids school that you need to withdraw them because you don't live in that schools zone based on your zip code.
The school they want your children to attend based on where you live is a school you read bad reviews about and you have some personal experience because your son attended there for one year.
Here's my questions, I'd like to know if any of your kids attended the school that called and asked you to withdraw them?
How many kids do you have of school age and what grades are they going into? I'm trying to figure out if maybe you have two kids of school age, one starting kindergarden and your son you'd like to change schools because you aren'ts happy with the current school.
It would help me give my advice. Thank you


celsie19 September 10, 2012

My daughter was bullied by a teacher last year. I had to pull her out of the school due to lack of action by the teacher and the school administration. We had the school district find us a new school, for which we received a "variance". As the teacher is a "shared resource" for 4th & 5th grades, she would have had her again this year, so the school district allowed us to have variance again this year.

Next year my daughter will be attending Middle School with different teachers, so we would need a valid reason to continue using a variance. This is normal for any area. Otherwise planning for transportation and staff would be a nightmare.

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