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Protocol for being tested for gifted learning


Mambear September 5, 2012

My daughter is starting third grade in a public school. She attended a private school in second grade. Unlike her private school, public schools test second graders for the gifted teaching for third grade placement. I strongly feel my daughter would meet the test scoring to be placed in the gifted (GATE) class, but I amt m being told I will need to wait for the next testing in February and if she met the required scoring would be placed in the GATE class when she entered fourth grade. Is waiting till her next grade, putting her at a disadvantage by not being placed in the GATE program now? If so, should I gain request he be tested now for third grade?

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bjlove September 16, 2012

We lived in Ca when my 2 oldest daughters were tested in 2nd&3rd grades...they both were placed into the GATE classes but it was a once a week after school program. We then moved to Tx they had to be retested, and were both told they no longer qualified based on the different states requirements. I spoke with the GT coordinator and requested they be retested immediately. They complied and both scored as high as they had in Ca. I might add we were at a private school as well from pre-k until 2 nd grade then switched to a public. So it will depend on your district regulations. They continue to retest children every spring to qualify for the following school year. As the parent it is your right to request private testing, because only you know that your child has to be challenged in the classroom if they are GT students. Hope this helps!


Mambear September 5, 2012

Hi MagnetMom,

Thanks so much for the helpful response!


MagnetMom September 5, 2012

Hi mambear,

I'm not sure where you live, and all districts are different. But like your district, ours tests all second graders for possible placement. However, there is nothing to stop us from requesting testing as early as the second semester of kindergarten.

If it's an issue of budget or people to administer the test at other times, you might have little recourse. But it wouldn't hurt to contact the GATE office at the district to see if you've been given accurate information. You may find that the waitlist for early testing will take so long, you might as well wait until February anyway.

In the meantime, talk to her teacher and see what forms of differentiation can occur within her current class. Plenty of schools don't have a 'gifted class,' rather they cluster the gifted students in a regular class and the entire class benefits from their being in the class. A good teacher can challenge the needs of a gifted child as well.

Good luck.

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