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pinkal97 September 10, 2012

Last year I bought a house in bayonne (NJ, 07002) on Avenue E. The school (PS#14) is 5 blocks away from my home, instead of that my duaghter has been alloted PS#8 (Midtown community) for the kindergarten which is about 1 mile from my home. This is Bizzare and my small kid has to walk-down 2 miles everyday or someone has to pick her up and drop everyday for the rest of her middle school days. Could someone suggest any workaround please and let me know if the school district could be changed or is that worth of filing an appeal? The central office confirmed that PS#8 (a mile) is our school district and NOT PS#14 (5 blocks away)

Why could not the bayonne education board setup the school district to the near-by school? I am really tensed that a 4-5 year old kid has to walk 2 miles everyday as there are no bus service as well?

Any advise will be much appreciated.

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MagnetMom September 11, 2012

Hi pinkal97,

You can contact the school district and hopefully they can tell you what the rationale is.

Often it's not as simple as 'as the crow flies' distances. School safety officials will consider traffic patterns (having students stay in communities rather than cross big streets), keeping students in the same neighborhoods together and the like.

Perhaps the district provides busing for a fee, or you can find families near you to carpool. Our district has never had buses for regular schools and other nearby districts require families who choose to use the buses to pay.

Good luck, and let us know what you find out.

Good luck.

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