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northerngal81 September 26, 2012

I have been trying to reach someone at Great Schools since August. The ratings are not legit and after several emails and phone call, no one has been able to provide facts. Has anyone else reviewed their schools ratings and compared it to other schools?

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DorisHaynes September 28, 2012

The data on this website is old. The best is to visit the schools of your choice or talk to parents that sent their kids there. I know searching for a good school is stressful as we are currently searching for a house that zoned to a good ratings school. Good luck. Below link might be helpful.


tjlove September 28, 2012

Hi northerngal81 and DorisHaynes,

Thanks for your posts. GreatSchools relies on state Departments of Education for test score data. Our goal is to update our data annually and often we update on the same day as the data is released. If you have questions about GreatSchools ratings please send us an email to and someone from our data team will be happy to answer all your questions.


kitty1815 October 7, 2012

Yes, IF you post a negative review on a school the school gets them down.also staff put false reviews up. If a member posts a review on a school it should be left .OR have a revision process. Very disappointed.


tammieflick October 22, 2012

I agree, we had a VERY negative experience with a "10 school," I posted a review in hopes of helping other parents avoid the problem we had was removed within 2days.


starlight69 December 7, 2012

I honestly think , thats so wrong because, people should be able to see the good and the bad side of the well. as well good and bad comments. .people at this school have complaint a lot of their coordinator and the principal haven't done nothing about it, and people at that school are afraid to talk because of their children.she's rude and she has all her volunteers doing her work.but know she has her daughters working for the school. Won of her daughters is just waiting for her buss to let go of her job so she can take over.this is so sad ano won is doing nothing about.


kjerm2002 December 8, 2012

As a former teacher,and current child advocate i understand that it is difficult to discern a legitimate criticism from a parent with an unreasonable vendetta against a school. A school should be judged by looking at a constellation of complex factors icluding test scores, class size, leadership etc. It is hard to judge a large school (with hundreds of employees) based on isolated experiences. I have learned through visiting many schools that every school has both master teachers and ineffective teachers. I think it is troubling when one disgrutled parent or student post a barrage of negative indictments agianst a school based on an isolated experience with one or two staff members. A hundred parents will have a hundred different opinions on the same school.


KriscoS December 9, 2012

Kjerm2002, your right, but every teacher and staff member needs to understand that their actions represents the school as a whole. I as a parent do not work with every teacher, I work with my daughters teacher. If there is a teacher that is treating parents or students badly Id like to know before my child goes there. Teachers also need to understand that this is not a production line. Children are not all the same and so they cant have a cookie cutter way of doing things.

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