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throwing away lunch


dblackmond September 30, 2012

I went to eat lunch with my gran son @ school.i WAS VERY DISAPPOINTED with lunch for the KIDS.They had cheeseburgers and a great BIG bake potatoe.And yes all the kids threw away the tatoe. why? because they couldn't cut it.

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MagnetMom October 1, 2012

Hi dblackmond,

You have a right to be frustrated. School lunch programs don't provide nutrition if the lunches end up in the trash. And hungry children don't learn well.

Contact your grandson's school, and ask who is in charge of the food program. Chances are it's at the local district office. And speak to them about what you saw.

Clearly baked potatoes are healthier than french fries, but the issue is with utensils or finding a way to cut the pieces so they are manageable for the kids.

Good luck.


tbrown_27 October 14, 2012

I to am disappointed with school lunch. Mine is a different problem though. My kids eat lunch at school but are still hungry when they get home. They eat from the salad bar which they can go back for seconds of salad and fruit, but they throw away the milk. Our school removed chocolate milk which the kids drink and so now most of them take a sip and throw it out because most of them are used to drinking it at a lot cooler temperature and prefer the chocolate. Milk is only nutritious when they drink it. I think schools should bring back the chocolate milk.


normjohnson1 October 14, 2012

Bring lunches from home... I think they still allow this.


laurap100805 October 14, 2012

I applaud any school that has done away with flavored milk. Kids these days are get so much sugar it's out of control. Milk is only nutritious if you drink it correct, but if there are no other options besides milk or water then, if they're thirsty they'll at least be drinking something that isn't so horribly bad for them. They don't have to drink milk, let them drink bottled water. If you want them to have sugared milk, then like the previous poster said, send a thermos from home in a lunch box or bag with a freezer pack in it to keep it cold. Personally I think it's easier to change bad habits when you're young so you might try getting your kids to drink something that isn't loaded down with sugar.


Sarapostale October 16, 2012

I have the same problem, since 3rd grade, my child complained about the food, she said it didn't look like real chicken or what it said on the lunch/breakfast menu. One time my child actually threw up in the bus because of some shrimp. She really does like shrimp. Your right to be mad, cheeseburgers? salads are better and a baked potato nobody can eat? useless! I just pack my child's lunch...


tammieflick October 21, 2012

I get it completely, I was the "lunch mom" one week and saw every piece of fruit hit the trash, why? because none of it was cut. Whole oranges, apples, pears, and tangerines. Its really sickening and makes you realize the importance of intelligence in lunch preparation.

My kids do not like school lunch however and take a lunch from home most days. I am fine with this because I find school lunch to be lacking in many areas(including nutrition). School cafeterias use a grade of chicken that is only acceptable to canned mfgs and dog food companies, the beef still has pink slime(they were the first to start using it), overall just not the quality of food I want my children consuming.

As an alternative to the milk issue, send them with a flavor packet, they sell them everywhere now. My kids take water most days, but I keep flavor packets on hand for water and milk so they can have what they want.


slightsey October 21, 2012

I think our children are getting the least amount of everythng, books, materials, food lunches find a friend who has a child in a school toward the better parts of town and see what they eat you will see a different. But again not our staffs fault this is what we have been dealt


rebchua339680 November 23, 2012

Every child has to learn to accept the food they get. Even I, being a parent, cannot take certain types of food (i mean, i hate it!) so I have to teach my child to eat vegetables(he doesn't like veggie)

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