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My family might be moving to Eugene Oregon. We are looking for a great elementary school. Some of the schools have not been r...


AnnieL October 8, 2012

My family might be moving to Eugene Oregon.We are looking for a safe place to live and a fabulous elementary school. We heard Springfield is a cheaper place to live. I would love to hear from some locals! Thank you!

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Traceyroro October 9, 2012

We just moved from eugene because of a military move. We lived In Eugene for six years. My boys went to Clearlake elementary school for six years. It's a small cozy school everybody knows everybody And all parents and teachers work together very understanding school. We actually are renting our house there and it is a 30 sec Drive to clear Lake elementary school. Walking distance to grocery store big lots, library, mailing center, Pizza parlor, park down the street from our house Hey Rite Aid store so Many thing there right Next to house. Neighborhood is very quiet and friendly. Our house is posted on Pioneer rental management company. The address is 1884 N. Danebo ave check it out. It is still available to rent it has a hugh yard !!!!!! awesome layout

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