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monicasinghal October 15, 2012

Hi, V r soon moving to richardson, texas from india. My son is 4.5 yrs old now & in nursery class here. I'm bit confused abt his school preference in texas. Anyone pls guide me that can he get into a kindergarten in mid session there? Or what is best for him?

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monicasinghal October 17, 2012

Thanks a ton dear. So, if v go for a pre-K by mid of nov this yr then can he get into it easily? And normally what r the school timings? Any day boarding also there?


TeacherParent October 15, 2012

Different schools have different age requirements but a 4.5 year old child here is usually still in nursery school. If the local school district in Richardson says he is old enough then he can enter the Kindergarten in the middle of the year. But they might also suggest that he wait another year before entering Kindergarten.

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